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Description: Argentine ants are light to dark brown. Argentine Ants can become pests when they forage in or around homes for food or water and when building nests because they displace soil.

Where are Argentine Ants Found?: Argentine Ants will usually make their nests in moist soil; around sidewalks, buildings, at the base of trees or plants and under wood or decorative rocks. They travel in trails that are often seen on the sides of buildings and up trees. They can make their way into your home via a tree that touches your house. Once inside they will find a moist area to nest, like damaged wood and wall voids. Colonies may number in the hundreds of thousands! They are urged to move inside when their outdoor nests are disturbed or searching for a food source.

How do I get rid of them and Keep them out? When treating for Argentine Ants it is important to get ALL the nests or they will return!

Treatment: Ants are one of the most common, but one of the most difficult, pests to manage. Our pest control maintenance plan will protect your home and property from ant infestations.