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Fire Ants

Damage: Ants become pests when they forage in/around homes for food or water and when excavating nests because they displace soil. Additionally, several species of ant pose health risks to humans, such as stinging bites from fire ants or the disease carried by the Argentine ant.

Habitat: Ants are highly social insects and exist in colonies with a social order. Nests can be found under objects in the soil, in cavities in trees or buildings, in mulch, or indoors in potted plants.

Feeding & Breeding: The majority of an ant's life is spent looking for food. Depending on the species, ants will eat meats, sweets, fats, or oils. The colony has one queen that lays all the eggs. When the queen is killed, the colony will die.

Treatment: Ants are one of the most common, but one of the most difficult, pests to manage. Our preventative maintenance plan will protect your home and property from ant infestations.