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Wasps & Yellow Jackets

Wasps & Yellow Jackets

Damage: Most species of the bee family have some ability to sting. Some people are allergic to the sting, and it may even be fatal. For this reason, it is important to keep bee nests away from buildings.

Habitat: Wasps and yellow jackets usually build nests in areas that are protected, such as tree hollows, under eaves, underground, or in the walls of buildings, sheds, or attics.

Feeding & Breeding: Some insects from the bee family forage for nectar and others for protein. Bees and wasps are a very important part of the ecological food chain, pollenating plants and controlling insect populations. Breeding occurs during the spring months.

The queen lays eggs, and her daughters feed the larvae. Later in the season, some of the larvae develop into males and some into queen bees.

Treatment: Because of the potential danger of bees, leave bee treatments to a professional. Our preventative maintenance program guarantees control of wasps and yellow jackets.