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Spider, Ant, & Cockroach Extermination & Treatment in Frisco, Texas

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to spider, ant, or cockroach extermination. We hit all the places these pests like to hang out.

Power Spraying

Power spraying the exterior of your home is a must when performing pest control service. We spray 6 to 8 gallons of product around the perimeter of your home focusing on areas where pests live and breed. We do not hand tank your home like our competitors.

Entry Points

Entry points to your home are our biggest area of concern. Insects can fit into a 1/18" crack, and they will find their way into your home if it is not properly treated. We inspect and dust every entry point to deter these unwanted visitors.


Left unattended, spider egg sacs will hatch and enter your attic, soon infesting your home with eight-legged creatures. We knock down spider webs, spider egg sacs, and wasp nests from your home's eaves on every regular visit.


Our goal is to exterminate ants, cockroaches, and other bugs and keep them from coming into your home. To do this, we treat common entry points like under kitchen and bathroom sinks, baseboards, and the attic. We also inspect and treat garages. This interior service is customizable to your needs, and the safety of your family is always our number-one goal.

Yard Treatment

Exterminate fire ants and other harmful pests from your lawn and sidewalks. We granulate the entire yard every time we service your home at no additional charge. No other pest service in town does this.